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Alford Memorial Lawrenceville Hamfest
November 3-4, 2001
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What a g-r-e-a-t day for a hamfest!
The boneyard is getting started early....
Good stuff.
Big boneyard.
Big, b-i-g boneyard.
What a day!
The Boneyard.
....and more boneyard.
Inside commercial vendors.
Dave, KD4SHH readies the mast.
...and installs a fine homebrew antenna.
Dave's overall pneumatic mast set-up.  How's that for a magmount!
Good boneyard bargains!
Marcel, F5BJV and Robin, N4OUT enjoy the day.
Hamfest HF station.
HRO was doing a "standing room only" business.
They were biting well on crickets and worms...
Just a great day for being outside.
Hard to believe it was the first week of November!