Note details of grounds rods and rebar in the hole.  (Bottom of hole
is filled with gravel and sand to allow drainage from tower legs.)
Figure roughly 50 bags per
3' x 3' x 3' hole.
(Your results may vary!)
Bracing is important!  You don't want to go out
of plumb just about the time the concrete hardens!
Ideally concrete base is poured 1-2" above grade to
prevent water (and corrosion) from attacking
tower legs.
Plan the location of guy wires carefully!  The location
of ground anchors are key to a safe installation.
It takes a lot of muscle to put a 5' ground anchor all the way in!
(The more help you have, the better....)
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Details of heavy duty ground anchor
and turnbuckle.
Safety first when climbing. Always wear a rated
climbing harness and use at least one point
of safety while climbing.
Working aloft is inherently dangerous!
Use caution and take your time.  Always
wear a rated climbing harnness and have
at least 2 points of safety while working aloft.
Erecting Amateur Radio towers is dangerous!
Always use caution!