2001 Atlanta Hamfest
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This page last updated June 4, 2001
One boneyard spot please...
Top notch volunteers bring order to early morning chaos!
It's not even 6:30am yet!
Some "pre-hamfest" bargains.
The early morning crowd.
I'll take $40...OK $25!
A 1.2 GHz transmitter -- 20 watts -- for $2! (or another project box.)
Geat hamfest Penn...
Well, you just drive to Chattanooga...and take a left....
G-o-o-d junk.
The "Honchos".
Robert, N5QBF, Dave, KD4SHH and Marcel, F5BJV/W4.
The crowd keeps on coming.
A perfect day!  (Now it's time for BBQ...)
All pictures copyright 2001, John Grimsley -- all rights reserved.