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AMSAT 2001 Space Sciences Symposium
Decatur, Georgia
All pictures copyright 2001, all rights reserved.
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Bob, WB4APR, prepares to work a PCsat pass during AMSAT 2001, Decatur, Georgia.
Looking for our packet....
Using APRS to track SATs.
Got It -- using an HT!
Bob, WB4APR describing. the 4" x 4" "CubeSat" approach.
G6LVB successfullly working an AO-40 pass using a KW 2000 and "copper cloth" dish.
The new Kenwood 2000 all mode rig -- all set up for AO-40.
....and it's portable!
DSS dish with excellent helix and cup feed.
Just a few of the excellent door prizes awating particpants at the AMSAT banquet.