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ATV -- Amateur Television
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N4NEQ ATV repeater ID.
CUL es 73 de  KE4ENI..
Kip, W4KIP, via ATV on the MATPARC ATV repeater.
My 1.2 GHz ATV station "on the air" showing actual AM ATV receive signal.
Wyman Research 1`.2 GHz ATV XMTR and 20 watt "Kip" amp, using Mitsubishi "brick" hybrid.
TDS (a la K9EGA) ATV XMTR Control head.
TDS (a la K9EGA) 1 watt 1.2 GHz ATV XMTR.  Unit may be antenna mounted for minimal feedline loss.
Examples of ATV "P unit" scale for ATV receive.
Complete plans for building the W4KIP "HawgFence" ATV receive antenna for 427.25 MHz. (Right click on image to download plans.)
F5BJV/W4, Marcel's 440 MHz homebrew "ATV buggy".
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